About Ward Anderson/Podimation Productions

Ward Anderson is an award-winning producer, screenwriter, animator and voice actor. He has worked all over the globe and—as a talk radio host—has interviewed and worked with some of the biggest names in news, media, and entertainment in a career that has crossed genres and mediums several times over.

As a writer, Anderson has contributed to Sharp Magazine, Title Magazine, Cracked.com, The Huffington Post and several other websites and magazines. He is also the author of two novels, I’ll Be Here All Week and All That’s Left. He co-wrote and co-produced the TV movies, Doctor Death for The Lifetime Television Network, and Triassic Hunt, for Syfy. In 2021, his script (co-written with Marc Morgenstern) Killing Time was acquired by Quiver Distribution for a 2023 release. 

Millions of people will recognize Anderson’s voice. That’s because, for years, he’s been the voice of Boston Pizza, and can be heard in all of their television and radio ads nationwide.

Besides working in terrestrial radio, Anderson produced and co-hosted the talk radio program “Ward & Al,” weekdays on SiriusXM satellite radio. Co-hosted by comedian Allison Dore, the show covered everything from current events and politics to pop culture and entertainment. Virgin Mobile called them “The number one duo in Canadian talk radio.” The show was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, which is notable considering that it was a news talk program and not a comedy show. The daily, three-hour talk show was instantly one of the most popular SiriusXM talk shows on the platform.

As a media figure and personality/host, Anderson has made regular appearances at conventions, expos, and award ceremonies. He has hosted live events at Fan Expo, Blissdom, the CMAO Awards, Andy Kim’s Christmas Concert, TIFF, JFL, JFL42, as well as many TV and film premieres and industry events. He’s always been that radio personality who is seen by the public as much as he is heard by it. He’s also been an on-air pitchman for Yield Media and Next Home.

Onscreen, Anderson has been featured as a guest on several television programs, including NBC’s Daytime, Bell’s Breakfast Television, Rogers’ Cityline, and the popular MuchMusic program Video on Trial. He also wrote and starred in his own award-winning comedy special, Kind of, Sort of Grown-up, which was released worldwide by Comedy Dynamics and featured on Amazon Prime. He appeared in the TV series The Adventures of Napkin Man, the TV movie, The Christmas Temp, and a national ad campaign for Period Purse Canada.

Most notably, Anderson produced and hosted the TV talk show Offstage with Ward Anderson, produced by Bell Media. A mix of news and entertainment talk with a panel of guests, Offstage was notable for its discussions of social issues ranging from sexism to ageism in media, film and TV to the issues facing minorities in the Canadian entertainment industry. Considered a blending of Meet the Press and The View, the show was carried by Amazon Prime outside of Canada.

Anderson has been featured in Georgia Magazine, The Detroit News, The Toronto Star, Billboard Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and more.

In 2013, Cadillac named him “Achiever of the Year”, and he was featured in their national advertising campaign. He has also been a brand influencer with companies such as Canadian Tire, Strellson menswear, Jackson Triggs winery, and Hamilton Watches. In 2017, Volvo featured him in a national television commercial featuring Canadian media personalities.

On top of this, Anderson has several awards for his work producing and directing television, commercials, and music videos. In 2021 he won for his directing at the prestigious Prix Paris Award. He is also the recipient of the Gold Remy Award from the Worldfest International Film Festival, an Accolade Film Award, and a Red Movie Award for his work producing and directing animation and music videos.

Since 2018, Anderson has lead Podimation Productions, a boutique animation studio that specializes in Retro-styled 2D animation. Podimation has received several awards and been featured at numerous film festivals and animation showcases. Besides music videos for artists such at Matt Dusk, Manic Drive, and The Serenade, Podimation Productions has produced several animated commercials and shorts for various brands, as well as for advertising and marketing agencies.

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  1. Hi Ward, my name is Al Hammerman and I’m a Composer & Lyricist. I’m interested in the possibility of your doing a music video for me ,similar to what you did for Matt Dusk..


    website: http://www.alhammerman.com

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