Louisville Today Live” – TV Interview – Spring

Studio 10” – TV Interview – Spring

“Video on Trial” TV Show — (Nickelback)

“Video on Trial” — TV Show —  (Souja Boy)

“DAYTIME” – TV Interview 

“Video on Trial” – TV Show 

“Video On Trial – TV Show 

“Video On Trial” – TV  Show 

“Video On Trial” – TV Show 

“Video On Trial” – TV Show 

“Video On Trial” – TV Show 


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  1. Dude, I actually live in Vancouver, Canada, but lived in Toronto for 3 years until just recently returning to back Vancouver. Once in awhile I tune into Newstalk1010 on my computer. I did that very thing today and caught your show (sitting in for Jim Richards). You suggested that anyone listening that didn’t know you, should check out your website. I did just that. I Friggin’ laughed until I was Frigging’ crying ! Please come to Vancouver and do some shows ! You’re what I call a “smart comedian”. Awesome !

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