Ward’s New Novel – Available NOW!

Ward’s new novel, All That’s Left, is now available from Kensington Books!


How do you tell identical twins Steven and Scotty apart?
Hint: One of them is dead.

Steven is the sensible twin with a sensible job, sensible clothes, sensible haircut, and sensible girlfriend. He works as a sommelier and has annoyingly good taste. Scotty is the wild one, a free spirit who travels the world, gets drunk, gets laid, then gets in trouble. They haven’t spoken in three years. And now Scotty is dead.

Upon hearing the news of his brother’s fatal aneurism, Steven hops on a plane to Singapore to retrieve the body. He discovers that his twin had a hot local girlfriend, which isn’t surprising. With Scotty, there was always a girl–usually young and pretty, but not the kind of woman to die for. Dania is another story. She’s sexy, smart, sings in a cocktail bar, and notices a striking similarity between Steven and his twin: “You look like trouble, too.” She must be right because, over the next few days, Steven finds himself shirking his staid life back home, talking to Scotty’s ashes–and becoming dangerously involved with the one woman who might know the truth about his brother’s death. . .

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This unique love story comes only a year after Ward’s debut novel, I’ll Be Here All Week. Both books are available online and in bookstores everywhere.

Ward will be out in full force, on tour, on the radio, and on TV, promoting the new book. Stay tuned for updates!

Great Review of Ward’s Novel

The fine folks over at BiffBamPop.com wrote an excellent review of my novel, I’ll Be Here All Week. They also give some praise to “Ward & Al”, so you know they’re now aces to me. Check out the flattering review…and hopefully–if you haven’t already bought a copy–this will compel you to seek it out.

Click HERE to read the review!

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