Happy New Year!

Hello, friends!

Well, 2014 is upon us and I’m excited for what this year has to offer.  You know, it’s hard to beat the amazing 2013 I had, but I’m sure willing to try.  Last year, I managed to sign a two-book deal with Kensington Books in NYC (my first novel is being released May 27th), got my own radio show on SiriusXM (“Ward and Al” airs weekdays, 1pm to 4pm EST on Channel 167), and was named Cadillac’s “Achiever of the Year” (#DriveCadillac).  Needless to say, it was amazing.  All of this, of course, pales in comparison to the fact that in December I became a father for the first time.  Such an amazing year, indeed.

That doesn’t mean I’m slowing down, mind you.  Not if I can help it.  Beginning February 2nd, SiriusXM has graciously given me a second talk radio program.  Thanks to my bosses at SiriusXM and the fine folks at Sharp Magazine, I’ll be co-hosting the new Sharp Magazine Show on SiriusXM, Channel 167.  Tune in every Sunday night at 8pm EST to hear the show.  I have a feeling it will repeat throughout the week.  The great Jeremy Freed, editor-in-chief of Sharp is in charge, taking me along for the ride. It’s going to be a great show.

On May 27th, my first novel is being released by Kensington Books.  I’ll Be Here All Week has been getting some nice advance praise, and I’m looking forward to seeing how readers react once it hits shelves.  As part of the media frenzy preceding the book release, I’ll be doing something I haven’t done in almost a year: I’m going on tour.

Yes, I’ll be filling my calendar with some random comedy club dates this spring and summer.  Stay tuned for dates and details.  Also, my “Ward and Al” co-host, Allison Dore, is going to be joining me for a string of comedy dates all across Canada.  We’re excited about a very busy year ahead.

I’ll also continue to contribute to Huffington Post, AmongMen.Com, and whomever else wants to give me a place to type or talk.  

So, tune and and stay tuned.  It’s going to be a fun 2014.  I hope to see you all soon.  In the meantime, #DriveCadillac.

Until next time,


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