Hello, Everyone!

Hi there, gang.

It seems many people have found me lately, thanks to the success of my new book, Four Wheels and a Microphone.  I’m also pleased that the recent article about me in The Toronto Star (which you can read HERE) seems to have led many of you this way.  Thanks for checking me out.  Hope you stay a while, see everything the site has to offer, and that maybe I hear from you from time to time.

I’m on tour right now, but working on many different projects.  Of course, I’m still promoting Four Wheels (which you can get on amazon by clicking RIGHT HERE), and working on yet another book.  But I’m also promoting my online radio talk show, “Ward and Al”.

If you haven’t had a chance to hear the new show, please get thee to a computer (aren’t you on a computer right now?) and check us out.  “Ward and Al” is a daily talk show, co-hosted by hilarious comedian Allison Dore.  We talk pop culture, entertainment, politics, and  sometimes nothing much at all but whatever pops into our heads.

The new show is on iTunes, but you can easily check it out by going to out site at http://www.wardandal.com.  There, you can listen online, download episodes, or connect directly to our iTunes page.  If you love to laugh about an hour every day, our show is perfect for you.

Welcome again to those who are new.  And thanks again for stopping by.  There are videos galore, articles you can read, and other fun stuff along the way.  Hope you stay a while.



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