New Show Coming Soon!

Hey, gang.

So, I have a new Internet Radio Show that is going to start in just under two weeks.  In fact, we’re already pre-taping some shows and getting ready for the big launch.

Called “Ward and Al”, the daily show will feature yours truly alongside comedian Allison Dore.  We’re going to talk daily stuff, pop culture, current events, and entertainment.

I’m excited because, for those of  you wondering when I’m coming back to the radio airwaves, this is the next best thing.  I was getting restless waiting around for an open slot, so I’m doing a show anyway.  On my terms, the way I want.

Best of all?  We are partnering with Canadian radio legends Humble and Fred!  Yes, Humble Howard and Fred Paterson will be my new bosses, hosting our show on their network,  

So far, Humble and Fred have had huge success with their own podcast, listened to by thousands every Monday through Friday.  Well, Allison and I are crossing our fingers, teaming up with H&F, and hoping for equal success.  

Yes, the show will be available to stream online and, yes, the show will be available on iTunes.  Monday through Friday.  Get ready for it!  I think it’s something everyone will enjoy.  

We already have some great guests (a few celebrities, too!) and hilarious comedians sitting in with us.  It’s been a ton of fun already, which I hope will continue as the show evolves.

In the meantime, you can check us out at

Here’s hoping you all “tune in” and enjoy what I hope to be a really fun, entertaining hour of talk radio!

See you out there,




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