New Site, New Stuff

Hey, there.

As you may have noticed (unless you are new to visiting my site), the website has been redone.  There’s all kinds of neat stuff, including videos and photos, etc.  Also, a new audio section is soon to arrive in the upcoming weeks.

I’ll be touring less in the upcoming months (still out there, just not my usual grind) as I focus on some other projects.  I have a new e-book hitting amazon in just a few weeks.  I’m putting the finishing touches on it and, of course, there will be plenty of shameless promotion to go along with it when it finally hits  I hope you’ll all enjoy it when it arrives.  For those who have asked, I’m only doing the Kindle e-book for right now.  I am eager to experiment with this relatively new format and really love the idea of taking content straight from my fingertips and putting it right in the hands of readers.  So, I hope you’ll take this lil’ journey with me.  Should be fun.

All kinds of new stuff on the way, so stay tuned for details.  In the meantime, enjoy all the stuff here on the website.  There are tons of new videos (and more on the way), so maybe you can stick around a bit?

See you out there,


One comment

  1. If you have never seen this man perform in person…go..GO!! My friends and I had the thrill to see his show in the LOL Comedy Club in Clayton, N.C. He was hilarious!! If he ever comes back to the “cornfield” comedy club…..we’re there!

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