2012 Rolls On

Well, my friends, I can safely say that Spring is in the air and that 2012 is flying by like a mofo.  I just got used to Christmas being over and it seems the Easter Bunny is soon to rear his adorable little head.  I honestly can’t believe it, but summer will be here before we know it and this year will be half over by the time I’m done writing this little note.

It’s been a great year thus far and, as usual, I’m on tour all over the planet.  This spring finds me in Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Montreal, Calgary, and Kansas City.  Then, I’ll take a short break before getting into it all over again.

My thanks to everyone for making the first quarter of 2012 a great one.  Hope to see you all on the road as the year unfolds.  I have a new CD in the works, as well as some TV and writing projects along the way.  Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out, drop me an email, and let me know how things are in your neck of the woods.

New videos and photos coming soon.

See you on the road,



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