5 Awkward Christmas Music Videos

Do you love Christmas music?  Do you love Christmas music videos?  Well, you’re not alone.  Christmas music used to be a way for artists to get a quick album out to fulfill their contractual obligations to their record labels.  Nowadays, however, Christmas albums are a big cash cow.  Every year, artists famous and once-famous put out new Christmas albums and new videos.  Some are great.  Some are awkward.  Whether or not you like the actual songs, below are five videos that are just weird to watch.


5. “Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth” by Bing Crosby and David Bowie.  People everywhere love this song, which was from Bing Crosby’s last Christmas TV special.  Bowie was trying to clean-up his rough image and go more mainstream at the time, so he appeared on the special and sang this song.  But Bowie didn’t actually like “The Little Drummer Boy”, which is why the song had new lyrics written for him.  It’s supposed to be a heartwarming duet and, although it sounds good, the duo simply don’t look right together.  For whatever reasons.  Here’s the kick in the mistletoe: Crosby died four weeks later.

4. “The First Noel” by Crash Test Dummies.  Liking this video probably depends upon whether or not you like Canadian band Crash Test Dummies.  Granted, the video is supposed to be funny.  But while it should appear tongue-in-cheek, it mostly comes off as awkward.  Parts of the song/video are just fine.  But when singer Brad Roberts sings this sweet carol, you should send the kids out of the room.  Most small children willy likely be scared at a voice that deep during the holidays.

3. “Hey, Santa!” by Carnie and Wendy Wilson.   This is one of those videos where, if you just listen to the song, you’ll probably wind up tapping your foot and smiling.  The video isn’t bad as much as it was obviously done on the cheap, with little participation from the stars.  The Wilson sisters (of Wilson Phillips fame) just hang out on the sofa while crazy shenanigans happen in the background.  It’s as if their agent said “The video is all set.  Just show up and sit on the sofa.  We’ll take care of the rest.”  Look closely, and you can see that the Wilson sisters themselves are kind of rolling their eyes and laughing at the whole thing.

2. “Last Christmas” by WHAM!  One of the catchiest (and most re-rerecorded) Christmas tunes of the past fifty years.  And this is the one that started it all.  Watch this video, however, and you’ll laugh when you remember how long we were all fooled into believing that George Michael wasn’t gay.  Here we seem him pining for his “ex-girlfriend” at a Christmas party.  Did he deserve the girl?  Maybe.  But he definitely deserved an acting award.

1. “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aid.  Okay, it was a very noble cause.  A bunch of UK artists (and Kool and the Gang from the USA) got together to record this rocking tune to benefit the starving people in Africa.  It was “We are the World” before there was “We are the World”.  And it remains a big hit.  But, let’s be honest, most of the artists in the video look terribly bored.  There’s a handful of people who seem to be into it (Thanks, Simon LeBon), while a few look like they can’t wait for a long winter’s nap.

There you have it.  But, wait!  As a Christmas present to you, dear readers, we present this BONUS AWKWARD VIDEO!

“Let it Snow!” by Jessica Simpson.  Hey, Jessica, since you spent the time to make the song and the Christmas album, how’s about you spend time making a decent music video?  This video features only shots of Jessica, standing in front of a green screen, twirling her umbrella under fake snow effects.  It’s literally the sort of thing people make at amusement parks and shopping malls.  You can make a video just as easily in on hour at home in your studio apartment right now.


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