Falling Into Autumn

Hello, all!

I’m taking a much-needed week off from touring, so I figured I’d drop this quick note as I prepare for the rest of 2011.

Special thanks to everyone in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri for the great time I had on my Midwestern tour. Always great to be out in the middle of the country having a blast with all of you. See in you in ’12.

Busy season coming up, and I hope to see you all along the way. I’ll be in Texas in November, as well as Ottawa and Toronto. Then it’s off to Asia for several weeks in Singapore, Bali, and Cambodia. Very exciting, indeed! I’m looking forward to being the first English-speaking comic to perform in Cambodia. More details as it happens.

I’m taping a new TV special this January in Toronto. It’ll air in The States, but we’ll also do a “Canadian version”. If you’re in the Toronto area, email me for tickets. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, enjoy this great time of year. Hope 2011 is treating you well.



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