Living The Dream

So, I’m back on the road.  For five straight weeks this time.  That’s a bit of a haul.  Even if you travel for a living, five straight weeks of touring can be a bit daunting.
Remember, the next time you think that comedians have this amazing life, that I wrote this while drinking red wine from a styrofoam cup while eating Chinese food I heated up in the hotel lobby microwave.


Seriously, though, I hope to see you all out there on the road.  I’ll be in Missouri, Oklahoma (twice), Kansas, and Arkansas this month.  Come on out and let’s have a giggle.

I love autumn, and have never spent this time of year in the Midwest.  Looking forward to something new.  What’s your favorite part of fall?

And what TV shows are you looking forward to watching?  Until “Mad Men” returns, I’ll keep an eye on all the retro shows hitting the airwaves.

And, for those of you who ALWAYS email me to ask my drink of choice:

It’s a glass of single-malt scotch.  One ice cube.

See ya,



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