Get My Bestselling Book FOR FREE!

Hey, gang.

Welcome to my website.

I’m thrilled that fall is on the way and keeping me busy as a mofo.  In honor of this great time of year, I’m giving away free copies of my bestselling humor book, The Ultimate Bachelor’s Guide absolutely free.  That’s right, for free.

See, I got married this year.  I figure that, with my bachelor days behind me, the least I could do is give away my book about singlehood to you fine people for nothing, right?

Okay, so you’re going to get the e-book.  I’m not mailing anything.  I don’t have time to go to the post office unless it’s to get a royalty check.  Heh.

But, hey, it’s FREE!  Other people paid as much as twelve hundred pennies to get this book.  You get it for nothing!

What’s the catch?  Well, it’s not that bad.  Just sign up on my mailing list, which you’ll see in the left-hand column on this website.  It’s pretty easy.  Don’t worry, I don’t SPAM people, nor do I give away email addresses.  It’s simply so I can email you the book.

Hope you enjoy the website.  There are some photos (more to come) and some videos (more to come) that I think you’ll enjoy.  Plus, check out my blog.  I don’t write about things like “Guess what I had for lunch today”.  I try to make each one a stand-alone article that people can read and enjoy.  Hope you’ll do it.  Just click on “Words from Ward” and let my vanity unfurl on your screen!

Thanks for dropping by.  I update all the time, so please keep checking in.  I’ll try to keep it entertaining along the way.



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