Thanks, Newstalk 1010!

I’ve spent the past week guest-hosting for Jim Richards on Newstalk 1010AM in Toronto.  Although I’m no stranger to talk radio, this is my first time guest-hosting a full week and my first time sitting in Mr. Richards’ chair.  What a chair it was to fill!  Richards is a great host, very popular, and has a loyal following.

I had a blast, and I want to thank everyone at Newstalk 1010 for the great week.  The producers, engineers, and on-air hosts were all great to me and I felt at home the entire week.  I had some big shoes to fill, but Richards’ regular listeners were very cool to me.

If you’ve discovered this page (and me) from my work on Newstalk 1010, let me welcome you to my site and say thanks for listening.  I hope you’ll stick around.  And, if you go and “LIKE” my Facebook “Fan Page”, I’ll give you my stand-up comedy special for free!  You can get a link to it right here on this site…look to the column on the left.  Consider it my way of welcoming you to  all things Ward.

Again, I had a great week.  Hope to hear from all of  you.  Thanks agian, 1010.




  1. Hey Ward… You killed it today when you were talking about losers reading kiddy books! I’m trying to find that on the podcasts… but Jims podcast hasn’t been updated since last year!!!… I’m looking for it!

    Either way… Well done sir!


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