Summer Time Again

Hello, all.

Well, the winter and spring were busy as a mofo.  Now, after several weeks off from touring (I was working on a new video), I’m glad to be back in the swing of things.  Just in time for summer.

I’ll be all over the map the next few months.  Summer sees me in Toronto, Pennsylvania, Detroit, Ottawa, Wisconsin (twice), Calgary, Atlanta, parts of North Carolina, and elsewhere.  As always, check my tour schedule for details.

I’m directing a bit more (just finished a TV commercial in Toronto), acting a bit (you’ll know when I post it!), and dealing with literary agents and all the fun stuff that goes with putting out a new book.  In short, I’m keeping busy.  And, for those of you who have emailed me about it, I’m working on doing a little more radio later in the year.

I’m happy to have won the Gold Remi Award—for Best New Artist – Music Video—at The Houston International Film Festival this past spring.  It was truly a thrill, and I’m hopeful to get the chance to direct some more music videos and try this new beginning in my career.  I hope you’ll all come with me on the journey.

Keep an eye on summer,


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