Another Award For Ward

Hey, all!

I’m thrilled to take a minute to announce that I just won an Accolade Award for my work in directing music videos.

According to Wikipedia:

The Accolade Competition is an international, non-traditional, virtual awards venue. Awards go to those filmmakers who produce fresh, standout entertainment, animation and compelling documentaries.

The Accolade recognizes filmmakers, large and small, who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity. Undiscovered and first-time filmmakers are often recognized.

Black Jelly Bean Productions is thrilled to receive this award, and I want to thank everyone involved who made it happen.  Special thanks to Thank the Academy, the Toronto-based band featured in the video and whose song “Shining Star” is the very reason we made the video in the first place.  I couldn’t have made a video at all without such a talented band with some really great music.

Also, special thanks to my cinematographer, Ryan Williams, for his outstanding work making me look good.  And to my assistant Julia Michiels, who never stops moving.  And no list of “thanks” is complete without a shout-out to my friend and mentor Marc Morgenstern for convincing me to put my big fat head behind the camera for a change.

I’m hoping this leads me to work more behind the camera, but I have a feeling I’ll still be hitting the road all the time..!

Congrats again to everyone involved.


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