>A Surprise Twist in Chapter One

>It’s always interesting when a book catches your attention right from the beginning and jumps right into the action on page one. As luck would turn out, the first chapter in this new part of my life did just that yesterday.

(Nice opening paragraph, eh?)

After I got finished informing the world (or, at the very least, the random people who follow me on Facebook) that I was confused about where to go with my newest book, Four Wheels and a Microphone, I immediately found myself feeling a brief moment of optimism. Of course, optimism in my industry is often brief, which is why comedians/writers are often raging alcoholics and neurotics. As luck would have it, I’m not an alcoholic.

I’ve been annoyed for quite some time that I’ve essentially been ignored by every literary agent and publisher I’ve approached in regards to publishing the book, and have been considering putting it out myself, as I’ve done successfully in the past. Just yesterday, I wondered if that was going to be my best option. Although I’m able to accept this possibility, it still gets me a bit pissed to feel ignored. I’ve always been a bit of a baby that way. Ask any of my ex-girlfriends.

Not an hour after deciding to document (via this blog) my experiences with trying to get the book published did I receive an email from a literary agent I queried. My first, actually, since I started contacting people months ago. The agent in question asked me to come up with a complete book proposal and to re-submit my idea once it was complete.

WOO HOO! Wait..what? Write a proposal?

Being used to writing humor and fiction, I’ve never written a book proposal. This is done by authors of non-fiction books and often submitted to potential publishers before the book in question has even been written. Fiction and humor writers (articles, essays, etc.) normally just submit the manuscript after it’s complete. I’ve never written a full proposal but, technically, Four Wheels is a non-fiction book, so I apparently need to do so. The fact that I haven’t might very well be one of the things tripping me up in the first place. You’d think I would’ve known better. Perhaps I should spend more time reading and less time ranting, hmm?

With that in mind, I’m jumping head-first into putting together a book proposal and trying to get this agent as excited about Four Wheels as I am. That means that my immediate future is going to be spent researching how to put a proposal together and writing the best damned one I can come up with. Then, I have to submit it to the agent in question and hope it turns out to be up to snuff. Fingers firmly crossed that I pull it off.

Keep in mind that still no one has actually read the book. Writing a kick-ass proposal doesn’t even guarantee that anyone I submit it to will, so this is still obviously just a tiny little step on a very long staircase. I have to hope that others find me as clever and witty as I find myself. And, of course, as clever and witty as you find me, which is why you’re reading my blog in the first place, right? Right?

So, there you have it. For the time being, I’m feeling at least slightly optimistic and eager to see just where things will go from here. After all, one shaky, tentative response is certainly better than no response…which is exactly what I had this time two days ago. But that’s par for the course for me, isn’t it? I’m no stranger for pulling last-minute changes out of my ass. Ask any of my ex-girlfriends.

See you in the next chapter.

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