>Right-On, Righties on the Right

>It was announced today that there’s a new cable network coming to your TV dial. That’s right! No, literally, that’s “right”. The new network, oh-so-cleverly called “The Right Network” will cater to Right-Wing viewers all over America. Touted as a TV channel for the “Tea Party Movement”, The Right Network will focus on shows aimed at people of the conservative mindset. Needless to say, the network will offer none of the programming seen on BET and quite possibly will be located even further down the dial.

A quick peak at some of the programming currently on the schedule for The Right Network’s launch this summer:

Everyone Else of Bel Air. This wacky sitcom will focus on how Will Smith’s neighbors cope when minorities move into their neighborhood and become extremely popular. Hilarity ensues when The Fresh Prince himself invites the neighbors over for dinner and they mistake him for his own butler.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? This isn’t the game show hosted by Jeff Foxworthy. This is simply an entire show devoted to trying to makes sense of the protest signs seen at Tea Party rallies. If it’s a success, expect a spin-off series, Are You More Racist Than a Klansman to appear on the schedule shortly after.

The Way We Think Things Should Still Be. This show is essentially like Mad Men, except that it takes the perspective that things should still be exactly the same as they were back in the late 50s.

Lost. Not to be confused with the ABC series of the same name, this show chronicles a typical day in the life of Sarah Palin. Expect this show to seem way more like science fiction than the one on ABC.

So You Think You Can Bitch. A new contest to see who is the angriest about actually having to pay taxes and how the government can’t do anything right.

American Idle. A reality show that tries to figure out where the Tea Party protesters were during the Bush administration.

Expect more amazing shows to debut as the season progresses. Oh, and lots and lots and lots of re-runs of Little House on the Prairie.


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