>Model Spokesperson

>Yes, there is a new Right-Wing TV network launching this summer. The Right Network, officially the most originally-named network on TV, has been announced as a channel for people like those in the Tea Party Movement. It’s touted as an entire channel for people in “Middle America” who feel that they need more programming that caters to their “Conservative Values”. In keeping with those very values that Conservatives find so dear, the Right Network has chosen as its spokesperson:

Kelsey Grammer.

Yes, that’s right, Dr. Frasier Crane himself is appearing in a series of commercials for The Right Network, proclaiming that there is finally a network for people who need conservative-value programming. After all, who better to be the spokesperson for Conservative values than a recovering alcoholic, former drug addict who has been divorced twice, is married to a former nude model, has houses in Malibu and New York City, and was most recently seen on Broadway playing a gay drag club owner in La Cage aux Folles?

Sounds perfect!

In other news, Kirk Cameron has signed on to be the spokesperson for BET.

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