>Welcome to Sick

>Feeling fine and healthy, I suddenly wound up sick today out of nowhere. Yay. It started with one sneeze. An hour later, I sneezed again. An hour after that, sneeze number three let me know I was well on my way to Sick Town. See, I rarely sneeze. To do it more than a couple of times a day is all I need to clue me in.

I used to never get sick but apparently my constant travel now makes me an easy target to evil infections everywhere. I know, it seems hard to believe that a life spent sleeping in hotels, constantly shaking hands with strangers, and keeping irregular hours would somehow subject me to questionable health, but it’s true.

So, I will sit here in my room in Louisville, eating chicken soup and drinking orange juice until I begin a week of shows and interviews. That’s the worst part, of course: I never get sick at home when I’ve got nothing going on. I’m always sick when I’m on the road with a billion things I need to be doing.

The “Home Remedies” have already started pouring in, but I’m sticking with the chicken soup, orange juice, and generic cold medication. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, but I’m not going to be sticking my hand in a glass of parsley juice while humming. Not again, at least.

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