>Make Ward Famous…And Eat!

>Alrighty, fans and friends and everyone in between.

It has come to my attention that, despite what I believe in my own mind, I am not yet famous. Nope. Not even a little bit. On the “Fame” scale, I’m still “Obscure”. This, despite the fact that I’m absolutely hilarious and downright handsome, too. Can you believe it?

Me neither, which is why I am happy to bring to you my newest campaign:


What is this brilliant strategy, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple: Make me famous, and I’ll buy you dinner. Yep, that’s it. It’s JUST THAT SIMPLE! It’s a great idea, and one that can help all of us. I want to be famous, and YOU want to eat. Everyone wins.

“But, Ward, how can I help you with this? Sure, I want dinner with you. But what does this challenge entail?”

Glad you asked. Here it is. There are, on a regular basis, 1000 people who read my blog, email me, and check my website for updates and information. If each one of you tells ONE PERSON PER WEEK about me, that’s 1000 new people each week who have heard The Word of Ward, as I like to call it. That’s over 50,000 people per year! Now imagine if you each told FIVE PEOPLE PER WEEK ABOUT ME! See where I’m getting?

Eventually, I’m going to know just who is spreading the Word of Ward the fastest. And BAM! Dinner is on me! And it’s YOUR CHOICE of how you want to do dinner, too. You want me to treat you to Olive Garden the next time I’m rolling through Little Rock, Arkansas? You got it. You want me to cook you some chicken at my place in Toronto? Damn skippy. Make me famous, and I’ll make you dinner.

“Hey, I’m a true Wardiac,” you say, “I tell people about you ALL THE TIME! I want dinner, but I mostly want to spread the Word of Ward. What else can I do?”

Glad you asked. Because I’m also currently looking for a sponsor. Do you have access to an energy drink, type of booze, or line of clothing that needs to jump on this runaway train we call “Ward”? Well, that gets you dinner, too! Helping me stay in the public eye and gainfully employed will TOTATLLY entitle you to some grub at Pizzaeria Uno or maybe even a fancy place like Applebee’s. And who wouldn’t want to see “WARD ANDERSON – BROUGHT TO YOU BY ALMOND JOY”?!?!


It’s sweeping North America, people, and you absolutely want to be holding your share of that broom.

You’ll notice that I didn’t say “RICH AND FAMOUS”, eh? That’s because I’m certain the fortues will come as my fame increases. And you know what that means, don’t you? BETTER DINNERS FOR YOU! Get me some TV time, and your stock just went up in the Ward World. A local TV interview in a major city will get you a sweet T-bone at Ruby Tuesdays! But a national TV spot or syndicated TV appearance that YOU arrange? That’s good for a filet mignon at The Cheesecake Factory! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY RESIST?

And, hey, you don’t want to have dinner with me? FINE. A gift certificate can totally be substituted where a real, live Ward isn’t required.

So, let the competition begin! I will patiently wait by my computer, checking my email and preparing my taste buds.

Isn’t it about time? The clock is ticking, people, and the time for Ward to be famous has long since been necessary. You want me to be famous, don’t you? Well, so do I! You want to see me on TV more, right? Well, so do I! You want to feed my uncontrollable ego and rampant narcisism, right? WELL, SO DO I!

And you’re hungry. So am I.

MAKE WARD FAMOUS! After all, you’ve gotta eat!

See you at the buffet,


3 Replies to “>Make Ward Famous…And Eat!”

  1. >I’d help you, but I don’t think you could afford my dinner.Hell, you leave one thing uneaten at a Chinese buffet, and the waiter walks away muttering, “Fi dollah, Fi dollah….”

  2. >You couldn’t afford my dinner. Everytime you leave one thing on the plate at the Chinese buffet, the waiter walks away muttering “Fi dollah, Fi dollar….”Did I ever tell you how I got a speeding ticket for going ONE mile over the speed limit?

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