>Monster Laughs in Tampa

>Hello, gang…

Normally, this blog is not a “hey, here’s what’s going on” kind of rant. Normally, I try to make it more like reading a humor article or something like that. This time, however, I’m breaking format to do a little shamelss self-promotion.

So, I have this big show in Tampa on May 21st. As many of you know, the gig is sponsored by Monster Energy Drink. Several big whigs from Monster are going to be at the show, deciding whether or not to sponsor me full-time and if they might want to do a big tour in bigger venues. Needless to say, the show in Tampa is a big deal. So, if you know people in the area, or you’re already there, please come check out the show.

Earlier today, I was told that a DVD of the performance will be made, and a video will also be placed online once it has been digtially mastered or whatever people do to make my enormous head seem less cartoonish on TV. So, even if you can’t make the show, there’s a good possibility you can see it.

I’m doing several interviews on ESPN radio (those of you who really know me should get a kick out of that) over the next few days, as well as radio all over Tampa. I’m also going to be appearing on “Studio 10”, which is the CBS Morning TV show in Tampa, Florida on CBS Channel 10.

On Thursday, May 22nd, I’ll be on the nationally-syndicated NBC morning show “Daytime”, talking about “The Ultimate Bachelor’s Guide” and my current tour schedule. It airs in several cities, so check local listings. I’ll, of course, post the video here and on youtube when it’s all done.

All of this is to help promote my tour, Monster Energy Drink, and the big show at Sidesplitters in Tampa. Needless to say, I’m quite excited, even if I am a little nervous about the whole thing. This is what I’ve been working toward for the past several years of non-stop touring and promotion. All I can do is hope that it all finally pays off.

I’m excited, and happy that all of you are out there supporting me along the way. I never thought I would find so many people who believed in me talking about my penis onstage…but, ‘lo and behold, here you are…

Check out http://www.sidespliiterscomedy.com/ for more info, and http://www.wardanderson.net/ for other stuff.

See you in La-La Land,


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